videos recorded at soy’b’

stay tune for moar
cus of lousy msn transfer spd

credit : comrade mushroom


little collection of soy’b’

the videos hav not reach my hands yet
so wait tili get it  i will upload it

the queen of tsudere Kugimiya Rie in taiwan

wow wonder if she will ever come singapore lol (most likely not)
& look at the fans in taiwan
so amazing 
i lol when a fan fainted (come on y faint at a moment like this)
sadden oso by the pickpockets

soy’b’ photos comin tmr

i will upload some photos from today id my bro is workin tmr or not at home

actar in real life

here a video interview wit actar

the interview was oly allow 4 mins
so a numberous things were cut out
for the whole interview pls visit

lousy local hair cutter

oly ask ask ask den dunno how cut
den any how cut
den cant use eyes is it
hair is unbalance
wan smoke den dun be hair cutter
cut til behind anyhow cut
cmf wan go smoke


amazing tech
is so cool
but if u buying it can cost ur wallet to feel such great pain