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I M OTAKU!!!!!!!
tat all i can say lolol
some of my fav anime – shugo chara (all seasons)
                                              – magical girl lyrical nanoha (all seasons)
                                              – macross (all seasons)
                                              – k-on
                                              – gundam (all seasons)
some of my fav chara – rima (shugo chara)
                                             – ranka (macross frontier)
                                             – fate (magical girl lyrical nanoha)
                                             – mio (k-on)
                                             – ui (k-on)
                                             – azu-nyan (k-on)
                                             – mafuyu (seitokai no ichizon)
some of my fav anisong – renai circulation 
                                                 – what bout my star@ formo
                                                 – seikan hikou
                                                 – eternal blaze
                                                 – Kumikyoku ‘Lucky Star Douga’
                                                 – amrita
some of my fav japanese artist / seiyuu – NAKAJIMA MEGUMI
                                                                                 – mizuki nana
                                                                                 – the idolm@ster
                                                                                 – hatsune miku
                                                                                 – kagamine rin
                                                                                 – megpoid
some of my fav manga – shugo chara


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