Zettai Goukaku Macross F Curry

This will be a great gift for anyone who’s in the middle of mugging for exams, or anyone who’s embarking on a new start in their lives

i so wan this


haruhi new novel

A part of it is going to be appeared on the magazine “The Sneaker” publishing on April 30. Title of the Novel ? The Surprise Of Suzumiya Haruhi – 涼宮ハルヒの驚愕

Tokyo Anime Fair 2010 Animation Awards

The Tokyo International Anime Fair, scheduled to take place the end of March at the Tokyo Big Sight, has announced the winners of their TAF 2010 Anime Awards.

August 2009’s Summer Wars film was especially well represented, taking a number of awards, including the top Anime of the Year prize, with K-ON! and Higashi no Eden (or Eden of the East) sharing the top ranking for TV anime

Animation of The Year – Summer Wars

summer wars

Summer Wars has (of course) only been released in Japan, and strangely enough, Korea, so it’s not nearly as well known internationally as some of the other names listed below.


higashi no eden

TV Category Excellence Award – TIE – K-ON! / Higashi no Eden

The website makes no particular mention of a tie, but instead lists the award twice, each one giving the award to these two well-known TV series

eve no jikan

OVA Category Excellence Award – Eve no Jikan (Time of Eve)

Eve no Jikan was an interesting project, combining 2D animation with a 3D background and being streamed online instead of being televised or sold as on OVA.

Foreign Theatrical Category Excellence Award – Wall-E

This category was more or less to be expected…

Domestic Theatrical Category Excellence Award – Summer Wars

Obviously, taking the top overall award did not disqualify Summer Wars from taking this award as well, which otherwise would most likely have gone to Evangelion 2.0 as a runner up.

Director Award – 細田 守 / Mamoru Hosoda (Summer Wars)

Hosoda is probably better known internationally for also being the director of the excellent Toki o Kakeru Shoujo (The Girl Who Leapt Through Time.)

Original Work Award – 細田 守 / Mamoru Hosoda (Summer Wars)

This award would normally be given to the original creator of a story (such as a light novel’s original author), but here it given again to Summer War’s director, presumably for his role in developing the story in addition to the screenwriter, who instead received the award below…

Screenplay Award – 奥寺 佐渡子 / Satoko Okudera (Summer Wars)

Fine Arts Award – 武重 洋二 / Youji Takeshige (Summer Wars)

In case you’re wondering what this award is for, Takeshige was the Art Director for Summer Wars.

Character Design Award – 貞本 義行 / Yoshiyuki Sadamoto

Sadamoto is of course eternally famous for being the character designer for Evangelion, as well as being one of Gainax’s founding members.

Seiyuu Award – 神谷 浩史 / Hiroshi Kamiya (Bakemonogatari)

Kamiya performed the male lead role of Koyomi Araragi in Bakemonogatari, but is perhaps even more widely known as Itoshiki Nozumu of Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei.

Music Award – 鷺巣 詩郎 / Shirou Sagisu (Evangelion 2.0)

Sagisu has been Evangelion’s main musical composer since the original TV series, and given the amount of his original 1995 music is used in the latest Eva movies  this award must also be in recognition of the quality of Eva’s well-known soundtracks.


k-on pics rampage


moe moe kyu beamu

army of mio?

cirno(yui) , marisa(ritsu) , other 2 i dunno

mugi kawaii yo

NO peeking

wow i did not noe the girls were born 0079 , they hav such long life & or was it their great great great.... grandparents era

moar pics at – http://ifigma.com/?p=5593

Ui mai waifu

Ui kawaii yo

pls say u r lazy but u r not crazy

sniff sniff


quit looking or mio is not gonna come out

moar pics at http://ifigma.com/?p=5697

hinagiku service

katsukara hinagiku from hayate no gotoku present some service for u

changing into outfit to start serving

peeking got her mad wit burning fire

the service starts nao

hina-chan: i did not wear all this just for u *turns away blushing*

moar pics at http://ifigma.com/?p=958

next up k-on goes berserk


The Disappearance of Suzumiya Haruhi [涼宮ハルヒの消失 Suzumiya haruhi no Shoushitsu] opened last weekend and it performed much better than the recently opened “Nanoha The Movie 1st” and “Fate Unlimited Blade Works” movies,  bringing in about 89 million yen at the box office.

The stuff below are all opening weekend numbers.

One Piece Strong World
Average 5,520,000 yen per screen
Total 188 screens
818,738 watched
Total 1,038,439,600 yen
Average 1,268 yen per person

Evangelion 2.0
Average 4,270,000 yen per screen
Total 120 screens
354,852 watched
Total 512,182,000 yen
Average 1,443 yen per person

Haruhi disappearance
Average 3,700,000 yen per screen
Total 24 screens
60,306 watched
Total 89,010,100 yen
Average 1,476 yen per person

Evangelion 1.0
Average 3,340,000 yen per screen
Total 84 screens
236,158 watched
Total 280,424,200 yen
Average 1,187 yen per person

Nanoha movie
Average 3,322,000 yen per screen
Total 19 screens
39,863 watched
Total 61,292,300 yen
Average 1,538 yen per person

Fate UBW
Average 3,140,000 yen per screen
Total 12 screens
24,407 watched
Total 37,699,500 yen
Average 1,545 yen per person

Macross F movie
Average 2,940,000 yen per screen
Total 30 screens
——- watched
Total 88,154,771 yen
Average 1,436 yen per person

Pokemon Arceus
Average 2,690,000 yen per screen
Total 366 screens
946,855 watched
Total 983,880,680 yen
Average 1,039 yen per person

Eureka Seven movie
Average 1,750,000 yen per screen
Total 6 screens
6,484 watched
Total 10,499,200 yen
Average 1,436 yen per person

Meitantei Conan Shikkoku no chaser
Average 1,730,000 yen per screen
Total 341 screens
501,732 watched
Total 593,272,350 yen
Average 1,182 yen per person

Kamen Rider W&D
Average 1,550,000 yen per screen
Total 292 screens
395,984 watched
Total 452,612,800 yen
Average 1,142 yen per person

Kamen Rider DCD + Shinkenger
Average 1,380,000 yen per screen
Total 345 screens
399,779 watched
Total 477,479,400 yen
Average 1,194 yen per person

Tales of Vesperia
Average 1,280,000 yen per screen
Total 34 screens
30,956 watched
Total 43,589,300 yen
Average 1,408 yen per person

Duelmasters + Penguin
Average 1,260,000 yen per screen
Total 156 screens
199,433 watched
Total 196,266,850 yen
Average 984 yen per person

Fresh Precure movie
Average 1,070,000 yen per screen
Total 159 screens
166,108 watched
Total 170,269,700 yen
Average 1,025 yen per person

Doraemon movie 2009
Average 1,020,000 yen per screen
Total 364 screens
335,738 watched
Total 372,918,850 yen
Average 1,110 yen per person

Summer Wars
Average 1,000,000 yen per screen
Total 127 screens
109,250 watched
Total 127,538,200 yen
Average 1,167 yen per person

Gurren Lagann movie 2
Average 990,000 yen per screen
Total 28 screens
18,000 watched
Total 27,840,000 yen
Average 1,546 yen per person

Average 960,000 yen per screen
Total 653 screens
440,804 watched
Total 627,726,600 yen
Average 1,424 yen per person

Taka no tsume 3
Average 940,000 yen per screen
Total 29 screens
19,089 watched
Total 27,209,700 yen
Average 1,425 yen per person

Naruto hi no ishi
Average 720,000 yen per screen
Total 266 screens
183,287 watched
Total 191,705,700 yen
Average 1,045 yen per person

Bleach Fade to Black
Average 640,000 yen per screen
Total 239 screens
137,996 watched
Total 152,694,000 yen
Average 1,107 yen per person

Keroro DW
Average 580,000 yen per screen
Total 168 screens
88,663 watched
Total 98,105,100 yen
Average 1,106 yen per person

Average 520,000 yen per screen
Total 482 screens
192,413 watched
Total 254,318,150 yen
Average 1,322 yen per person

Crayon Shin-chan yasei oukoku
Average 520,000 yen per screen
Total 323 screens
149,202 watched
Total 166,946,150 yen
Average 1,119 yen per person

Buddha Saitan
Average 520,000 yen per screen
Total 189 screens
130,185 watched
Total 163,017,200 yen
Average 1,252 yen per person

MAJOR yuujou no winning shot
Average 480,000 yen per screen
Total 311 screens
140,541 watched
Total 149,705,150 yen
Average 1,065 yen per person

Average 300,000 yen per screen
Total 211 screens
51,036 watched
Total 64,251,400 yen
Average 1,259 yen per person

Layton movie
Average 290,000 yen per screen
Total 311 screens
79,477 watched
Total 93,180,200 yen
Average 1,172 yen per person

via http://zepy.momotato.com/2010/02/10/haruhi-89010100-yen-for-opening-weekend/

maybe the good performances hav something to do with Broccoli’s release of smoked cheese pie [チーズパイ] which was release in conjunction with the Disappearance of Haruhi movie.


source – http://www.alafista.com/2010/02/12/disappearance-of-haruhi-earns-89-million-yen-from-weekend-premier/

Hideyoshi Leads Winter 2010 Anime

as u can c 

1. Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu

2. Durarara

3. Dance in the Vampire Bund

4. Hidamari Sketch

5. Nodame Cantabile
as u can c baka to test to shoukanjuu & durarara is the most popular
srsly i like this 2 series , both r interesting